Povilas Vinžanovas

Marketing Director

Biovela Group

No task is too small for them, no project is too big for them and no details are not important to them! Aušra & A Management is a great example of always highly motivated, energized and dedicated team for any task to handle, no matter it would be big or small, creative or simple. Only people like them with such passion can achieve amazing results in any place of the world. I highly recommend A Management

Vaidas Mugauskas


VŠĮ Energetikų mokymų centras

We have been working with A Management for several years in a row. I am delighted that this company always finds out the smallest detail of the event's need and main idea and consistently implements all this when organizing. The EMC team already knows A Management and vice versa, which allows you to manage better and deeper company events.

Žydrūnė Spranginė

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist


I am very happy to have had the opportunity to work with Ausra and her team many times. Even in the most difficult situations, under the tightest deadlines, Ausra and her team always will find the best solution! Because the sense of responsibility is indescribable. The cooperation is easy, communication - is crystal clear, and all the worries about the event will be taken off your shoulders. Every detail will be researched and personalized, and the event will be remembered for a long time! We have been entrusted not only with Christmas, Summer events or kids' summer camps but also with technical events, and every time we have been impressed and 110% satisfied! Ausra's ability to manage large business projects is simply stunning. So if you ask me whom to entrust with your important event, my answer and highest recommendation would be Ausra and her A Management team.

Audrius Mackevičius


OFI Baltic S&D at Orkla Food Ingredients (OFI)

Sometimes you meet a person and trust them immediately after the first meeting. Our goal was to organize a traditional company football cup called OFI Cup 2022 in a special place in Neringa. More than 20 teams, 300 people, from more than 15 countries, many events: opening draw ceremony, football day, closing and award night, etc. When Ausra proposed to do the closing fiesta on the beach right by the water, with many show elements , we thought it's a crazy idea, how can it be possible. But trust gives trust. It turns out that everything is possible when you are extremely creative and a great organizer, when you have the right team and reliable partners. It was a unique event, as evidenced by numerous feedback from the participants. Thank you Ausra&Ko!

Tom O. Kleppestø

General Manager

The Maritime Oslofjord Alliance Oslo, Norway - #MrOcean

LIKE A MASTERCHEF: When we decided to organize the first Klaipėda Manifesto conference in an empty hall at Smiltyne Yacht Club in Klaipėda, Lithuania, in September 2021, I was very anxious to see how this would be done. I was going to be the moderator together with my co-organiser Egle Petrošiūtė Songailienė from Klaipėda ID. The high level event was co-sponsored by the Norwegian Embassy to Lithuania and had several Lithuanian ministers on the agenda, as well as a Norwegian State Secretary and 8 speakers from Norway, 2 in person and 6 online. And then there was the pandemic. So all good reasons to be sceptical to the whole thing in an empty, cold and seemingly deserted hall. That was until I met Aušra and her crew. When I watched how they changed this empty hall into a fairytale event hall, creating a cosy, yet professional ambiance, the lighting, the sound, the control with a smile (many!) - I was completely relaxed and could focus on the task at hand - being the moderator. I didn't have to worry about a thing except that - because Aušra had done that for me and Eglė and taken care of all our potential worries. Aušra is like a Masterchef of events. I really hope to get an opportunity to work with Aušra and her A Management again, be that in Klaipėda or anywhere else and yes, I give her my warmest recommendations. And I know a thing or two about organizing events myself through too many decades to care to remember.

Rūta Gjerde

Chief Marketing Officer

GOAL 15 group

After a long selection process, our company hired Aušra and her team to plan our event. She has delivered over our expectations. She was very easy to work with, her team was motivated and very involved in the project. Her time management and event management skills were something I really valued when working with Aušra.

Penny McPherson

Conference Lead for inaugural World Defense Show Future Talent/Technology Thought Leadership

International Women in Defense

Ausra recently delivered the creative element and supported the production of first global International Women in Defense event at the World Defense Show 2022. From the content and breif, Ausra managed to deliver a highly visual and creative representation that was befitting for the national and international audience of senior women working with the Defense sector. The creative element was aligned with the requirement to present the importance of women's contribution on International Women's Day. Ausra is committed, highly capable, excellent communicator with drive and due diligence to execute events at the highest level. I would highly recommend her.

Dovydas Stulpinas



One of the strongest traits of the A Management team is their determination to take the entire responsibility off their client’s shoulders, i.e. supervising everything from possible high risks to small nuances. As the team paid immense attention to the preparation stage, one month before the event we felt totally relaxed, knowing each and every detail. They stayed at our event until the end, coordinating the entire thing and solving the emerging issues right there and then, so all we – the client – had to do was relax and simply have fun. In addition, the event management team respected our company’s values and sincerely cared for every member of our staff.